Stelios K. Georgantzinos

Associate Professor of Computational Analysis & Design of Advanced Structures

National and Kapodistrian University of Athens  

Dr.Eng., Msc., Msc., Dipl. Mechanical and Aerospace Engineer

Research Interests

Computational Analysis & Design of Advanced Structures & Systems


Multiscale Modelling of Composite Structures

Modelling and simulation of composite structures containing material of different scales

Finite Element Modelling & Analysis

Finite modelling and analysis of Mechanical and Aerospace Structures

Computational Nanomechanics

Computational modelling and multi-physics analysis of nanostructures as graphene, nanotubes etc.


Engineering Design, Analysis and Optimization using Computational Techniques

3D- 4D - 5D - 6D Printing

Application of 3D - 4D - 5D - 6D printing technology for the development of advanced/smart structures

Quantitative Methods

Quantitative methods for optimization, quality, reliability, management and maintenance


Years of Professional Experience 

Mechanical and Aeronautical Engineering Studies


Published Scientific Works

Publications in Journals, Conferences, Book chapters, Reports, Books



Citations of the published scientific work


Years of Academic Experience

As a Professor or Researcher



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