Power Engines and Hybrid Technology

Msc in Design and Manufacturing of Sport Vehicles Systems

Part 1: Clutch and Gearbox


Εισαγωγικά στοιχεία, περιγραφή και αρχές σχεδιασμού


Κιβωτίου ταχυτήτων

How a clutch works

Cars of today normally use a car clutch to transmit power produced by the engine to the gear box. The vast majority of cars and motorcycles rely on dry friction clutches, which will be explained in this animation. 

Manual Transmission

Working of a Manual transmission is explained in an illustrative and logical manner in this video with the help of animation. Here the working of Sliding mesh and synchromesh transmissions are well illustrated. This video also explains the working of a reverse gear. 

Automatic Transmission

The operation of an automatic transmission is explained here with help of animation. Allison-1000 transmission model, which has 6 speed and reverse is used for this purpose. The video starts with an explanation of planetary gear set. Just by engaging few clutch packs different output speed can be achieved in automatic transmission. A brief introduction of the torque converter is also given here..

Continuously variable transmission 

CVT is used by the latest high performance vehicles due to the smooth driving experience it provides. In this video we will explore the inner workings of Continuously variable transmission including that of a Reverse gear. 

Dual Clutch Transmission (DSG)

DCTs (DSG) technology has gained a substantial market share in the recent times ( up from 3.4% to 8.5% market share in the last 5 years). This video illustrates with the help of animation why DCTs are the best transmission ever. This video also gives a brief introduction on working and drawbacks of a regular manual transmission. 

Part 2: Driveshaft, Differential and Gear Design


Εισαγωγικά στοιχεία, περιγραφή και αρχές σχεδιασμού

Άξονα μετάδοσης κίνησης,



Universal Joint

The working of Universal (Hooke's) joints has been a mystery to most of the people even though it was invented many centuries ago. This video clearly unveils the physics behind it in a simple and illustrative way with help of animation. 

Drive shaft velocity

How the velocity of your drive shaft changes and may cause vibration. 

How a Differential works

Working of a differential is explained in a logical and illustrative manner in this animated video. Differential helps in turning the drive wheels at different rpm while the vehicle takes a turn. The basic parts of a differential is introduced first. After that working of differential at various driving condition is demonstrated.  

Limited Slip Differential

Model a vehicle powertrain, including gears, tires, engine, and longitudinal vehicle dynamics.  

Part 3: Modeling a Vehicle Powertrain

Modeling a Vehicle Powertrain in MATLAB (Release 2013a)

Model a vehicle powertrain, including gears, tires, engine, and longitudinal vehicle dynamics.  


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